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If you are staying at a hotel on the Tulum Beach Road then take a battery operated smoke detector and flashlight with you on your trip and keep it on the nightstand in your hotel room during the night.


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Akumal is located 100km (62 miles) south of Cancun in the heart of the Mayan Riviera. It boasts a beautiful main beach and is an excellent location for snorkeling. Akumal is also very popular for divers and the Akumal Dive Shop is pretty well a historical landmark!


We visit Akumal often because it is easy to simply catch a colectivo there from anywhere on the Riviera, walk in off the highway [it is a short 5 minute walk] and you are on a beautiful beach. This makes for a rather inexpensive adventure.

Akumal Mexico North entrance

Traveling south on Hwy 307 past Playa del Carmen you will see the enterance on the coast side of the highway. A main road travels towards the coastline. You follow this road until you hit a set of arches, right where the stores are. Pass through the arches and on the right is the Akumal Dive Shop. Walk past/around that and you can see the beach.

Old Akumal sign Some parts of the beach are private. The private spots are clearly marked. There are lots of room there and lots of palm trees for cover. We have found the beaches here safe to leave things while we snorkel and have never been ripped off. Exercise caution here and do not leave any "valuables" on the beach while you are way out snorkeling.

For more information about snorkeling around Akumal see: Snorkeling

Half Moon Bay Akumal If you continue on the road into Akumal, the road winds north to Yal Ku Lagoon which is an excellent place to snorkel. You could call it a poor-mans-Xel-Ha. On the way you pass Half Moon Bay which is a good place to see Sea Turtles.

You can walk from the highway to Half Moon Bay, but it is a long walk and walking all the way to Ya Kul is a real long walk. You can get a taxi at the front gate near the highway or at the arches near the main Akumal beach when going to Ya Kul.

On the other side of the highway is the town of Akumal, which you can visit. There is also a small Mayan ruin site located just past the town that you are free to visit.

Akumal Map Google Map and Satellite View for Akumal


Akumal Map Akumal is located approximately 63 miles [102 km] from Cancun.

From the airport:

  • Take ADO/Mayab bus to Playa del Carmen.
  • Taxi/Limo from airport direct to hotel.
  • Use Airport Transfer services.
  • From Cancun City/Tourist Zone:

  • Bus south up Hwy 307 from Cancun bus station to Akumal.
  • Taxi   Taxis are found in all Cancun tourist zones.
  • Take the Colectivo in Cancun to Playa del Carmen.
  • NOTE: Playa del Carmen is the areas bus/colectivo transfer destination.

    From Playa del Carmen:

  • Bus [from Playa del Carmen bus station] and get off on highway 307 then take taxi or walk to hotel or Akumal beach.
  • Colectivo from Playa del Carmen. Get off on highway 307 then take taxi or walk to hotel or Akumal beach.
  • Taxi from Playa del Carmen to hotel or Akumal beach.


    Click on Image to Enlarge

    Yal-Ku Lagoon Beach Restaurant Akumal Beach

    Akumal Store Arts & Crafts Dive Shop Beach


    You will find that almost everything is located near the basketball court called "La Cancha" or Plaza Ukana I.

    There are two grocery stores at the main entrance [next to the arches]. Super Chomak and Minisuper El Pueblo. The Laundromat is next door to the Minisuper El Pueblo. There is also a small store at Half Moon Bay.

    Visiting Akumal? The is a great resource to find EcoFriendly places to stay and eat at while in Akumal! Find out which local businesses and organizations use environmentally wise practices.

    Akumal is a major nesting site for sea turtles May through November. As more and more tourists pop up to witness the turtles more and more harm is done. Conservation efforts have been implemented but resources, especially financial ones, are minimal.

    Please help protect these ancient magnificent creatures by going into the nesting areas only with a qualified guide.

    The Centro Ecological Akumal [CEA] offers nightly turtle walks during nesting season. Please sign up in the morning at the CEA center. Only ten people can go at one time. You will be provided with red film to cover your light and the guide will inform you when it is safe to take pictures.

    For more information please visit:
    For snorkel info for Yal Ku see: Yal Ku Lagoon


    Mayan Riviera Maya Hotels For current Akumal Mexico hotel and resort information including rates, availability and secure on-line reservations please see:
    Akumal Mexico Hotels & Resorts

      Cancun Airport to Hotel Shuttle see:
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