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Pack a dryer sheet in your suitcase for long flights - this helps to eliminate that musty "airplane odor" and you'll have a "just washed" air to your clothes when you unpack.


Download here   Countdown tool installs onto your computer's desktop.

After installing the timer...

  • Enter the date by clicking the dropdown arrow and choosing your departure date on the calendar.

  • Choose your departure time by highlighting the hour, then typing the hour or using the updown to adjust. Use the right arrow on the keyboad to go to the mins and adjust.
  • Enter your Resort or destination name.

  • Double click the image to load your own image. Resize the timer to match your image shape and size by resizing the timer window. The timer will remember it's size on restart.
  • When you click the Web Forum button for the first time you will be asked to paste the url link into the blank. It will then remember it for next time. It you wish to change forums, locate and edit (or simply delete) the "url=" in the vtime.ini file located in the same folder as the timer.

  • The copy button (next to the Resort name will copy your countdown text to the clipboard for easy pasting to an email or forum (crlt-v).
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